ALS Association brings on Kwittken for Every Drop Adds Up campaign

NEW YORK: The ALS Association has brought on Kwittken to aid with its ongoing Every Drop Adds Up campaign.

The campaign began August 1 and will run through the end of the month. Every Drop Adds Up uses photography and storytelling to highlight what it is like for individuals living with ALS, and their loved ones. It is also meant to raise awareness and aid for those suffering from the disease.

“After the Ice Bucket Challenge, we were faced with how to proceed with continuing to acknowledge the Ice Bucket Challenge without asking everybody to do the Ice Bucket Challenge again,” said Brian Frederick, EVP of Communications and Development at ALS Association. “We developed a campaign to look at the Ice Bucket Challenge as more of a moment when the world came together to fight ALS.”

ALS Association and Kwittken began working together in April and the firm is one of a few that the organization works with. Kwittken is providing the services pro bono to the nonprofit.

“We hope that by emphasizing the power of individual voices and experiences, we can instill determination for a resolution, and drive audiences to donate today,” said Aaron Kwittken, founder and CEO of the firm. “So far, we have worked to showcase the powerful stories of four individuals touched by ALS through social content and imagery.”

The ALS Association is best known for the Ice Bucket Challenge, which went viral in the summer of 2014 and raised more than $115 million within eight weeks. Celebrities like Jimmy Fallon and Martha Stewart went under the bucket, along with entire companies like AT&T and JP Morgan.

The nonprofit organization previously worked with Porter Novelli and ad agency Red Deluxe during the Ice Bucket Challenge craze.

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